Bison Videos

March 4th - Today we allowed the two 3-year old bulls into the pasture with the 5-year old bull. Everything went very smoothly, with a lot of posturing. 5 minutes after this video was shot, all 3 were grazing peacefully together. Size does matter and it didn’t take them long to sort out who was in charge of the bachelor herd.

March 2nd - Today we introduced the 3-year old bachelor herd to our “new” bachelor herd, which we separated at this weekend’s round up. The “new” bachelors consist of 8 to 10 months old weaned bull calves, a 18-month old bull and our 5-year old No.2 bull. The later will now become the main bull of the bachelor herd, once they all get together. In this video the 2 groups are meeting each other face-to-face through the fence for the first time. We plan to keep them apart for a few more days, before letting them into the same pasture together. Trial and error, with a dose of good luck, we hope it will work out as planned. I will update this posting later this week.

February 17th - Hauling Bison! The herd on its way to their new spring pastures. These are amazing animals! 🤠

January 23rd - I’ve been asked a number of times what sounds do bison make. Watch the short video and turn up the sound! This is our number 2 bull having a “conversation with our tractor”! The roar, akin to lions, can sometimes be heard across the ranch.

June 25th 2019 - “Strip grazing” bison. I was told it could not be done. This our 2nd year doing this very successfully. The herd have had access to this 120ft/40m wide strip for almost 2 days and hardly made a dent. They also have access to a regular pasture with dryer grasses to ensure a “balanced diet”. They love this Tifleaf!

April 14th 2019 - 2 year-old bachelors having fun