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About Our Bison and Our Meat Products:​

Our humanely raised herds provide us with our premium, healthy and tasty bison meat. The bison are raised on our sustainably managed ranch in York County, South Carolina.

All our meat is dry-aged for up to 3 weeks for tenderness and it is USDA-inspected and certified. It is then vacuum-packaged and then flash-frozen to preserve and protect the meat.

Our bison are harvested in a USDA-inspected facility. It is also a permitted Animal Welfare Approved facility, meeting the highest standards of humane handling.

Tatanka Bison Ranch is a member of the National Bison Association and we abide by their strict code of ethics which ensures the humane and sustainable raising of bison.

Our animals are 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished, and we use no growth hormones nor antibiotics. We do not feed our animals any grains nor any bye-products.


Here is a listing of our Meat Cuts

Please note that we do not ship our products.

To obtain our current price list of premium meat products available,
Please text or email us wit
h your email address.
We will gladly email you our price list.
(Please note that we do not ship our products)

 They are available from the ranch (by appointment) and at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Bison Premium Ground (+/- 95% lean)
Bison Chorizo Ground (+/- 95% lean)

Bison Country Sausage (+/- 95% lean)

NorthStar Bison Ground Blend (75% meat, 12.5% liver; 12.5% heart)

NorthStar Bison Old World Blend (92% meat plus 7 organs)

Bison Burger Patties - 5oz. each (2 patties per pack)

Bison Back Ribs
Bison Short Ribs

Bison Shanks/Osso Bucco
Bison Brisket
Bison Stew Meat (seasonal)

Bison Stir Fry Strips (Seasonal)

Bison Bratwurst Links (4 per pack; about 1 lb.)
Bison Hot Italian Links (4 per pack; about 1 lb.)

NorthStar Bison Snack Sticks - 8 oz. (BBQ and Jalapeños & Cheddar)


Bison Eye of Round Roast
Bison Chuck Roast (Bone-In)
Bison Chuck Roast (Bone-Out)


Bison Flat Iron Steak
Bison Skirt Steak
Bison London Broil
Bison Flank Steak

Bison Sirloin Steak (Cut 1 1/2" thick)

Bison NY Strip Steak (Cut 1 1/2" thick)
Bison Ribeye Steak (Cut 1 1/2" thick)
Bison Filet Mignon/Tenderloin Steak (Cut 2" thick)


Bones & Organs
Bison Knuckle Bones
Bison Soup Bones
Bison Marrow Bones
Bison Kidneys

Bison Tongue
Bison Liver (Sliced)

Please email us for the latest price list (

Please Note That We Do Not Ship Our Products

Where to Purchase

Please note we do not ship our products

Ranch Sales 
We have extended the times we sell our premium meat products from the ranch in York, SC. Our new hours are Sundays through Fridays, 8 am to 6 pm. Please call us at least an hour before you plan to stop by. (For safety reasons, we are a “gated farm” with controlled access to the ranch.)

Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, Charlotte
The market is located on Yorkmont Road, Charlotte, NC. There is free 
on-site parking. The market’s hours are Saturdays from  8 am to 1:00 pm and you will find us in the Greenery Shed (the big green building on your left as you enter the market property.)

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